John Biggs

Solar Egg wing  .074

Sterling silver, solar panel, Mahogany, ebony and pyrex glass.

19” x 7” x 7”.          Completed 2010.

   Egg wing two was the latest piece to be completed. The egg shape was hydro formed from sterling silver. The rigging stands that hold the egg were individually hand fabricated from sterling silver. As in all my piece all components are made to fit thru the neck of the bottle and are assembled in the bottle after completion. The problem to solve in this piece was the balance and performance of the motor and the solar panel. Creating a balance between the two components along with sufficient output from the solar panels in order to spin the top section. The advances in solar panels made it possible to run a higher performance motor with better torc and speed which enables this piece to run.

Go here for little movie of the motion.solar_egg_movie.html