John Biggs.

Chair    .037

Sterling silver, Stainless steel, Ebony and Mahogany.

8.5” x 7” x 5”.     Completed

    This was the first piece that was made with the lost wax process. Before this piece my works were mostly balsa wood constructions. The origin of these works came from a discusion with a friend Bill Zindell. I was eplaining a dream I had had the night before while waiting for a class to start, The dream was rather inane and at the end I said ,” its kind of like a chair in a bottle.” the thought being its a functional item that is render nonfunctional in its present state. I thuoght about this idea for awhile and made my first chair in abottle soon after out of balsa wood. the idea stuck and as my skill set increased the idea grew.

    This piece in particular was the begining of my mechanical fasinaction. To crate works that function. The gears were cobbled together from watch parts and most of the gear sets here hand cut from sterling silver. It wasn’t until later that the machine works came in to play and I could crate what ever I needed to make. The glass was found at some junk store and I have been looking for cool glass ever since.