John Biggs.

Fan    .048

Sterling silver, Stainless steel, Ebony and Mahogany.

6.5” x 8” x 13”        Completed

  This pieces was made with the idea of making a gear train that would speed the action from slow to fast. The ball was hand raised from a flat sterling sheet. The finished sphere was a three inch ball that would obviously not fit thru the neck of the bottle. They were subsequently cut into sections and fitted with tabs so they could be screwed back together once inside the bottle. The mechanical works inside were similarly cut and reassembled. The mechanism itself is a series of gears that increased the speed of the fan blades on the out side. A clutch bearing was used in the base for the bicycle effect for increasing the speed of the fan blades with out stopping and starting the action. The shaft that extends out side the bottle is twisted to engage the action. The hole was preexisting in the pyrex bottle and was a large opening compared to other earlier works.