John Biggs.

Diamond.     .040

Sterling silver, Stainless steel, Industrial grade diamond, Ebony and Mahogany.

13.5” x 7” x 4”       Completed

    This piece was inspired by a comment at one of my shows. It takes a bit of time for people to realize that the works are all built inside the bottle. The inevitable question would be “how did you get it in there?” One gallery owner toke three days before she realized that the works were all built inside the confines of the bottle. This piece was in response to that question. “ well I don't know how he got it in but I know how its coming out.” The industrial grade diamond is spring loaded on the tip of the rotating arm. as the piece is manipulated the arm spins around and the diamond slowly cuts its way thru the glass. The bottle was a preexisting pyrex lab glass for what purpose I have no idea. I did have to sign a waver that I was not making meth and I think that paper is somewhere on file with the F.B.I.. I like this one for it’s height on the platform. My previous works were all sort of low in the glass. This one was the first to kind of celebrate the platform.


    Detail shot of the platform. I made the first few with cases and did a lot more detail shots.