John Biggs.

Big wheel     .039

Sterling silver, Stainless steel, Ebony and Mahogany.

10” x 14” x 10”       Completed

    This piece was the first big venture with casting and machine work. I wanted the work to really fill the space and the wheel seemed like a logical choice. Each of the four sections was cast from lost wax and made to curve into the bottle for assembly. Once inside the spokes were attached four of which created the link between the sections of the over all wheel. Once again on the spindle I incorporated a clutch bearing so the action of the wheel could be sped up while still in motion. I think this was the first piece to incorporate this into the workings. The piece was supplied with a wingy wood case for carrying. At the time I was into scientific instruments and felt that not only did the glass work compliment the inner sterling work but the case itself heightened the experience.