John Biggs.

Stools.     .041-.046

Sterling silver, Pyrex glass, Ebony and Mahogany.

3” x 3” x 6.5”

    Stools were a series of small works I thought I could produce quickly and sell at a lower cost. I also liked the idea of having a series with multiples of the same thing. Originally I was going to do a lot more but in the end it was just as hard to produce as the larger works. They were inspired by the small insulin vials I would find at the dump behind my grand parents house. Back in the day insulin came in these tiny glass vials my grand father was diabetic and after he used up the insulin the bottles were discarded with other trash behind the house. As a child I would dig thru the trash for treasure china plates and discarded broken toys. I was always fascinated by the bottles and had seen grand judge (my grand father) inject the insulin. Later I tough about the correlation between drink and diabetes. So the bar stools in a bottle kind of grew out of that. Each stool is sterling silver cast in two half's and then inserted into the glass. the legs were attached to the ebony platform and then the seats were attached to the legs.