John Biggs.

Whiskey pump.    .057

Sterling silver, Ebony. Mahogany, Stainless steel and Pyrex glass.

13” x 14” x 10”        Completed

    The whiskey pump is mostly hand fabricated sterling silver. The wheel was an early fascination with me.

Not only did it fill the space but its graceful movement had a zen like effect in its motion; graceful yet focused.

The wheel was constructed in two pieces and screwed together by the spokes which were wax carved and cast.

The side stabilizers were fabricated of sterling and used to stabilize the piece within the bottle.

The deck is ebony and the under structure is mahogany with cast dental concrete to isolate the wood from liquid.

The original  concept was to fill the bottle with mercury and play with mercury in a safe environment . After some research into the properties of mercury I turned down the one gallon jug of the stuff a neighbor had offered and called Hazmat.