John Biggs

Egg wing      .073

Sterling silver, Ebony. Mahogany, Solar panels and Pyrex glass.

20“  x 11“  x  11 “    Completed  2004

    Egg wing was the next step in the solar powered kinetic works. The piece was hydro formed from an original buck that I made while on “Team America”. I later hydro formed the sterling silver egg shape around the buck and added wing details and castings. This was my first venture into hydro forming as opposed to hand raising.

(Alot of pounding  on the old log in the studio to raise a form that deep).

    The platform and under structure are ebony and mahogany. This was also the first piece I drilled the glass with a diamond bit and screwed the platform to the glass, with a bit of rubber in between to take out shock and rattle.

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