John Biggs.

Solar butterfly.      .079

Sterling silver, Stainless steel and Solar array.

3” x 11” x 3”         In progress.

    The solar butterfly is a current work in progress. I have been working on a large project with artist Chris Burden and in the gaps between working and having fun with my kids, I work on this piece. The egg shape was hydro formed and the wings were hand fabricated out of sterling silver. As of late the solar pods are complete along with the platform. The mechanical aspect of this piece is powered by a high torc swiss motor although the motor is small it consumes a lot more power than the motors I have used in the past, therefore the solar array is larger than previous solar panels and are daisy chained to output a higher voltage and more current.

As in all the other solar work the panels directly power the motor and there is no storage or other slights of hand to motivate the piece.

It uses just the sun.